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Incredible inventory of accessories

Looking to improve your vehicle with accessories? We offer a wide selection of items - from state-of-the-art remote starters, navigation systems and stereo systems to basic items like  floor mats, running boards and and spray-on truck bed liners.  


Remote starters are great for the winter months. Just one push of the button and your car will be warming up while you're cozy inside. We also carry the latest Bluetooth technology and GPS to connect you to the music you want and to get you where you need to go.

Superior auto services

In addition to our inventory of car and truck accessories, we provide a long list of automotive services, including :

  • Interior and exterior auto detailing 

  • Boat cleaning and detailing

  • Sunroof installation and repair

  • Moonroof installation and repair

  • Window tinting 

Your dream car can become a reality

We have everything your vehicle could ever need